You were born to create!

Let me help you find the freedom and courage to create.

GIFT CREATIVITY is a one year program that will provide support for you to create, refine, launch and maintain the creative IDEA that will not let you rest . . .  an authentic, aligned, rewarding and fulfilling way.

Jeniffer Ochwo

Move from “Can I?” to “I CAN!”

Trap 2: The industry's systems

Most creative industries want to define what success is and how one should succeed. The industry wants to dictate what you CAN or CAN NOT do.

As a result, the creator or creative who desires authenticity finds themselves stuck in a ,”Can I?” loop. They want to create freely. They want to create authentically. They want to create impactfully. They want to earn. BUT . . . they are not comfortable with THE BOX the industry wants them to fit in.

Trap 1. Society's judgement of their craft

Society has been unkind to the creator, the creative, the artist . . . the one who seems to create out of nothing. The one who can not explain how the song, the poem, the book, the tune, the lyrics, the podcast, the image, the dance, the pattern… came to them. But there it is, beautiful and inspiring. Since this is inexplicable, society says “Get a real job.” “It does not pay.” “It is not sacred enough” “It is not gospel”

As a result, we hold back: we sell out: at times we even give up.


What if . . . You defined success for you?
What if . . . You uncovered your HOWS & CANS from the inside-out?
What if . . . You gave yourself the time & space to grow and thrive?
What if . . . You reconnected to the gift giver for answers?
What if . . . You TRUSTED you more?

This is what GIFT CREATION is about . . .
Turning “Can I?” to “I Can!”

Join the “Gift Creativity” Annual Program


  • Comprehensive Goal Setting: Establish clear, achievable goals to guide your journey.
  • Planning: Develop detailed plans to effectively pursue your goals.
  • Tracking Implementation: Monitor your progress with structured support, including:
  • Accountability: Engage in group sessions designed to keep you on track.
  • Mastermind Groups: Collaborate and learn in group sessions that foster collective wisdom.
  • Mindset Coaching: Participate in group sessions aimed at cultivating a growth mindset, critical for overcoming challenges and achieving success.


  • Duration: 1 Year, divided into 3 phases.
  • Phases: Each phase lasts 12 weeks, focusing on distinct aspects of personal and professional growth.


  • Total Program Cost: UGX 3,150,000 for the full year commitment.